Carmelo Anthony Reveals the Moment he Found Out the NBA Works with the FEDs

Carmelo Anthony Million Dollaz Worth of Game Interview

Melo reveals the obvious. . .

Carmelo Anthony Million Dollaz Worth of Game interview reveals some rare stories for the newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s rare we get Carmelo to share stories behind-the-scenes, considering he’s an active player.

While letting loose with Gillie and Walo, Melo opened on his upbringing on the westside of Baltimore. The legendary NBA player didn’t believe he would have success in life, after witnessing close associates die or get sent to prison. So much, that Melo kept some of his team around upon entering the NBA.

However, with David Stern doing everything he can to maintain a certain image for the league, including derailing the career of Allen Iverson; Melo shared some serious information in the clips below.

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