Carmelo Anthony Agrees To Terms with Houston Rockets After Buyout

It’s been a long summer for Carmelo Anthony, but things look to be simmering down for him enough to get ready for a new season in a new jersey.

After telling the Oklahoma City Thunder he wouldn’t come off the bench (and subsequently telling the media it wasn’t a “good fit” with the team), he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks for a buyout and now has verbally committed on a deal that will send him to the Houston Rockets. He will now be coached by his once arch nemesis Mike D’Antoni and will play with his good friend Chris Paul.

Does this put the Rockets in a better position to challenge the Golden State Warriors for the Western Conference next year? Probably not, but it might not be the last move Houston does to bolster their team this summer.

They need defensive help badly.

Terms of the deal have not been announced as of yet and this signing comes as a surprise to absolutely nobody in the league or its fans.

‘Melo will be in H-Town officially in a matter of days.

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