Carson Palmer Retires From the NFL

Carson Palmer isn’t the first Arizona Cardinal to retire this season already. Bruce Arians did so to start the year and the franchise will be without their starting quarterback as well. In a letter to fans, former organizations and the Cardinals themselves, he says goodbye to the game of football.

Carson reveals that the grind of working hard and studying was his favorite part of the game and he will now focus on family as a retired player.

His tenure in the NFL lasted 15 seasons and he played for teams like the Oakland Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals before ending up in Arizona.

He finishes his career with a record of 92-88-1 record, passing for 46,247 yards, throwing 294 touchdowns and 187 interceptions. His passer rating ends at 87.9. Palmer is remains in the Top 12 in all-time passing yards and TD’s.

Read the final farewell to the league in the letter below.


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