Celtics’ Jaylen Brown Responds to Steph Curry Taunt

Steph Curry points to Jaylen Brown before 4th quarter

Last night, the Boston Celtics were in Oakland for a road game against the Golden State Warriors. With Kevin Durant still resting up his leg, the Warriors were short-handed against a top team in the Eastern Conference. During the final play of the third quarter, the Warriors were down a point and let Stephen Curry run an isolation play against Celtics rookie wing-player, Jaylen Brown.

Curry soon drained a three in Brown’s face, and emphatically pointed at him after making the shot. This soon prompted Boston to hold Golden State to just 12 points in the fourth quarter, shutting down Steph for the rest of the game. “I didn’t say nothing to him,” said Brown, who was part of Boston’s bench brigade that helped the Celtics to a 99-86 triumph at Oracle Arena.

After the game, Jaylen went to say, “I was just playing defense. He hit a good shot. The pointing was cute. And he just made a good shot. I didn’t say a word. I was just playing defense. I guess it was good D, and I guess that was the talk he was talking. I don’t know. I didn’t say nothing.”

Boston’s team captain, Isaiah Thomas also chimed on the situation, saying, “I mean, they don’t point when Avery Bradley guards them. I know that.” While it’s unlikely that these two teams will meet in the NBA Finals this year, we’re hopeful this new rivalry continues in their next meetings.

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