Charles Barkley and SHAQ Get Into Heated Argument About the Raptors


It’s always entertaining when SHAQ and Charles Barkley get into it on Inside the NBA. Usually things don’t escalate to where they’re screaming at each other live on TV, but the Toronto Raptors got them worked up.

In talking about Dwane Casey’s benching of DeMar DeRozan, Chuck was saying he has to repair that relationship if the team ever intends to get better next season without any friction. SHAQ argued that when star players don’t show up in crunch time, they deserve to be benched. He even went as far as saying players shouldn’t be “babied,” and it’s DeRozan and Kyle Lowry‘s fault that Toronto didn’t advance in the postseason.

Considering this is a theme for the Raps in the playoffs, Coach Casey’s job shouldn’t be in jeopardy, even though he should take some of the blame.

Who’s right in this argument?

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