Chris Paul Talks to JAY Z About Sad Clippers Culture & Signing with Rockets

It looks like Chris Paul chronicled his journey to the Houston Rockets in a documentary titled Chapter 3, which will be airing on ESPN.

In these clips, you can see CP3 talking to JAY Z about why he was tired of being a facilitator in Los Angeles with the Clippers and why he would be excited to play alongside James Harden. He also spoke on the culture in L.A. with his former squad, saying that they didn’t aspire to contend with the Golden State Warriors. In the final video, he sits down with his team to come up with trade scenarios and get him shipped out of the City of Angels.

Obviously he moved to H-Town, so we know how the story ends.

UPDATE: More clips from the documentary have surfaced, including building chemistry with James Harden at the Drew League and more.

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