EXCLUSIVE: Chris Paul Trade to Miami Heat Behind-the-Scenes Breakdown

Deal likely to happen. . .

So, a few days ago, the Oklahoma City Thunder pulled the trigger on the blockbuster trade for Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets. We broke the story online of the team almost trading for CP3 last week; but stepped out of discussions, due to his unwillingness to play in Oklahoma City.

Well, this weekend, we’ve got some more exclusive details on what’s going behind-the-scenes with the Miami Heat and they’re imminent deal. On Friday and Saturday, Dwyane Wade spent time with Pat Riley to convince him that Chris Paul was the person they needed on their team in the open eastern conference.

However, with the team absorbing Jimmy Butler on a max-deal, Miami isn’t trying to pay $300 million for only two players. At this point, since the Heat made their intentions on becoming a contender this summer, they may have no choice.

OKC was originally looking to acquire Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo; but Miami has made those two players untouchable in trade talks.

We’re hearing a package of Goran Dragić, and other players not named Herro and Bam, will be included in a possible deal. With OKC, it’s to the point where Chris Paul has allegedly threatened to have his knee scoped and miss an entire season, just to get traded this summer.

Beforehand, the Thunder had intentions on keeping CP3 until he allegedly made that threat. OKC even tried to cancel the trade, when they learned about his surgery intentions. Wade has essentially put his neck on the line for one of his closest friends, as we expect the deal to happen in the coming days.

Look for details on this messy situation to emerge in the coming days.

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