Cristiano Ronaldo Hat Trick Helps Portugal Draw 3-3 Against Spain

The most anticipated game from the World Cup today was undoubtedly Portugal vs. Spain. The Spaniards are widely considered as one of the best teams in the world and one who should be battling for the trophy. Beating Portugal to start if off would be a statement for how good they really are.

The only thing is, the Portuguese have the x-factor on their side: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Yeah, Spain has a super team (by today’s terms), but we all saw how much one player can carry a squad for an extended period of time (see: LeBron James taking the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals this season). Though Ronaldo hasn’t done all of that yet, he made sure Portugal didn’t lose on in Russia.

Overall, the game was full of highlights and there were plenty of goals to choose from across the 90 minutes of play in this one.

There was also some controversy as well.

From the Ronaldo penalty, to the non-call on Diego Costa during the first Spanish goal, expect the people to rant about the refs and VAR for the next few days.

Shoutout to Nacho with the screamer in the second half as well.

The last Ronaldo free-kick to seal the hat-trick and draw was absolutely incredible too. Just when you thought Spain locked in the win, Cristiano gave Portugal hope and somehow got the ball in the back of the net.

The game ending in a 3-3 draw was what was deserved from both sides. Each responded after one another and gave fans an entertaining watch.

Check out the goals from today’s game above.

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