CM Punk Confirms WWE Return Rumors with FOX

still the best, or goat. . .

Since leaving the WWE in early 2014, CM Punk has distanced himself from the sport of professional wrestling. Last month, rumors were beginning to emerge that there was a chance of him signing with All Elite Wrestling, following their early success – which has WWE on their heels.

However, Cody Rhodes dismissed rumors last week, after miscommunication between the company and Punk led to deal. Well, a few days ago, WWE debuted on FOX Network for WWE Smackdown, including an all-new set and announce team.

With FOX going all in on the product they spent hundreds of millions for, they’re trying to generate more faces to the product with an eye-raising signing. At the moment, FOX plans to sign CM Punk to a TV contract, where he will work alongside Renee Young for a third-party coverage show for WWE.

Punk has been adamant on having anything to do with the WWE internally, but is welcoming the idea of pairing up with Renee, so much that he addressed the imminent deal this week. Considering an international social media account has been threw CM Punk’s name into the mix, look for a deal announcement to happen in the coming weeks.

TRANSLATION: IS THE COMING OF JOHN CENA, CM PUNK AND NIKKI BELLA COMING TO SMACKDOWN? 😱😱#WWExFOX The blue universe celebrates 20 years and this October 4 there will be a GREAT show full of surprises

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