Damian Lillard on Why He’ll Never Join a Super Team to Win a Championship

Lillard x Everyday Struggle

Today, Damian Lillard made a guest appearance on, Everyday Struggle. During the conversation, he went to promote his upcoming album, which should be before tip-off in a few weeks. However, the focus of the visit, soon became basketball and recent transactions within the league.

He even went to address the exit of LaMarcus Aldridge, and how outside interferences within the franchise, led to him deciding to sign with the San Antonio Spurs. Dame cleared up the air on the two having any real issues and said that they still had love for each other.

Watch more from the interview below, where he also opens up on LeBron James, Kevin Durant and explains why he’ll never join a super team to pursue a championship.

This isn’t shade by the way!

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