Danny Ainge Reveals That How He Built the Celtics Last Year Was Wrong

On the eve that the Boston Celtics will face the Brooklyn Nets in the first game Kyrie Irving “plays” against them since he left for New York, Danny Ainge has sat with ESPN for a very candid interview. Though Irving won’t be available for the game, former players will be motivated to win against them.

In his talk with Rachel Nichols, Ainge said there was no joy last year and with Kemba Walker now on the team, that happiness is back. He is a great fit with the group of guys and was their top target in free agency.

He also said the blame shouldn’t be on Kyrie for what happened last year. Danny stressed that it was his prerogative to go home and that was his decision. Now, they’re looking forward to the team they have. Last year, there were young guys who thought they could take the next step and since Irving and Gordon Hayward came back from injury, they didn’t get the opportunity.

Watch that and more in Danny’s interview with ESPN above.

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