DeMar DeRozan & Kyle Lowry Talk Playoff Pressure, Expectations

One of the hottest teams in the NBA this season has been the Toronto Raptors. Head Coach Dwyane Casey switched up the style of how they played, their bench players have stepped up when its counted the most and the team skated into the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference to a lot of people’s surprise.

ESPN’s Rachel Nichols sat down with DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry for The Jump to talk about the upcoming playoffs, what they want to accomplish and more.

The two explained what their Game 1 playoff woes have been about and the two reveal that this first game will be their own Game 7. The two also talked about how deep they want to go in the postseason and why it will be a waste of a season if they don’t.

Interestingly, they also spoke on how they adapted to the new style of play and why they hated practices in the beginning, until they saw the results paying off.

This year the window is wide open for the Raptors, considering the Cleveland Cavaliers are going into the playoffs weaker than prior years, the Boston Celtics are hobbled and injured, and the Philadelphia 76ers are young and have no postseason experience. It’s really Toronto’s conference finals to lose.

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