How Deontay Wilder Non-Shockingly Lost to Tyson Fury

Joshua, you next, pussy. . .

Saturday, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury had their long-awaited rematch, in follow-up to the original 2018 draw. While real boxing fans knew the real winner and the inevitable outcome for their rematch, Wilder and Fury were back in the ring to settle things. Immediately, Fury stayed active in the opening rounds, landing body shots and putting his weight on Wilder.

This was extremely hard for the Wilder camp to put together in training videos, as none of Fury’s fights are the same. Tyson being unpredictable was the key to this fight, as well as showing up to the weigh-in at 273.

Shockingly, Wilder added more weight to his chest and shoulders, and felt that he needed more power for a knockout. This was the biggest key in our opinion, because that new muscle mass didn’t allow his muscles to be loose. With Deontay’s body filled out, his muscles became overworked, and it showed by the 2nd round.

Most non-novice boxing watchers waited until the weigh-ins like us, to formally make bets; as Fury looked like the guaranteed winner. It was very clear that Fury could outbox Wilder (and anybody in the world at the moment), as Tyson was looking to not be cheated again.

In the first round, we knew it was over, when Wilder threw a haymaker and Fury smiled. Any other fighter that took that punch, would’ve been on the floor; but Tyson is a different animal. In the later stages, Wilder suffered a broken eardrum, which led to a mild concussion (won’t be reported).

Many will say this was an illegal hit behind the temple, but Deontay normally throws out of control punches against past opponents. With fluid leaking from his ear, his equilibrium was ruined and had to use the ropes for balance at times. Unfortunately, proper defense would’ve had him avoid this entire situation, after his in-ring skills were exposed for the world to see.

Fury knew the game plan, as Wilder is a one-arm fighter and didn’t use strategy against a professional fighter. Wilder tried to make a comeback by the 6th round, but the blood leaking from his ear was just too much for any rally. We highly doubt Deontay will want to endure another fight against Fury, with Anthony Joshua waiting in the wings to be next victim.

Take a look at highlights below from Wilder vs. Fury 2.

WBA – Anthony Joshua
IBF – Anthony Joshua
WBO – Anthony Joshua

WBC – Tyson Fury
Lineal – Tyson Fury
Ring – Tyson Fury

3rd RD knockdown

Body shot knockdown

tasting blood

hugging after fight

victory serenade

wilder entrance

fury entrance

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