Derrick Jones Jr. Had A Dunk Of the Year Candidate Against Raptors

It’s usually slow for basketball on weekends, with a couple of big games, because of the ABC Saturday night matchup. In what would not be such an interesting game between the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors, the game gave us one of the highlights of the year with this Derrick Jones Jr. slam.

Off a steal and fast break opportunity, Bam Adebayo set Jones Jr. up with an alley-oop situation towards the end of the fourth quarter.

The result? A high flying dunk that looked impossible but somehow happened.

Obviously, it was garbage time for the Heat because they were down 24 at that point, but it was still dope to watch as a highlight. The Raptors ultimately won.

FINA:: TOR 125 | MIA 104

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