Drake Joked About the ‘Drake Curse’ After Raptors Playoff Win

The “Drake Curse” was happening so much in professional sports, it actually started becoming a thing that people believed. Of course, it’s easy to poke fun at Drizzy for his love of teams, but imagine the fact that every time he was seen photographed with a team, that team would go on to lose.

It happened with Manchester City, it happened with PSG, it happened with Alabama, Connor McGregor, the Kentucky Wildcats and other teams.

Considering the Toronto Raptors beat the Orlando Magic 115-96 to advance in the Eastern Conference playoffs last night, the 6 God took the time to poke fun at all those people who have made the “Drake curse” a thing.

It’s pure comedy that this has gotten so serious, but you know the curse will come back when/if the Raptors lose in the next round or at any part of the postseason.

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