Draymond Green Calls out Steph Curry, Kevin Durant & Steve Kerr for Collapse

Trouble in California Paradise, though?

Last night, the Golden State Warriors were host of a national game on ESPN, for a western conference meeting against the Memphis Grizzlies. The team would go up 24 points at one point in the game, which our attention moved to something else for the night. However, with minutes left in the fourth, the team had their second meltdown of the year (see: Durant on X-Mas day).

During the fourth quarter, the question emerged again who would take the last shot on the team, during close games. Floor general, Draymond Green would call a play on the floor for Steph Curry to handle the rock and eventually dish to an open Kevin Durant on the wing for a favorable shot. The former OKC Thunder player took it upon himself to call for the play, which the unanimous MVP vigorously threw the ball to his teammate out of frustration.

Kevin unfortunately felt a contested shot against Zach Randolph was a better play, than a pick-and-roll call from Captain Curry – forcing the team to go into overtime against the highest paid NBA player of all-time, Mike Conley. Immediately after the play, Green screamed at Durant on the missed opportunity, which was their first public rift this season.

After the game, Draymond called out himself, as well as the entire team. Interestingly enough, he even said how Klay Thompson’s role with the team has become overlooked at times during pivotal moments of games, saying how Steve Kerr just has him standing in corners.

While the Warriors management overreacted over the summer, depleting their bench, and losing an interior presence on defense; this may be the game they look back to that changed their season. If things don’t shape up, Curry is a free agent at the end of the year, as his issues with Kerr and the direction of the team will emerge to the public if they lose another finals.

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