Draymond Green on Why He’s Not Surprised by the Kyrie Irving Trade

Doesn’t matter who’s facing GS again

Over the summer, Kryie Irving got his wishes out being traded away from the Cleveland Cavaliers to upstart his own superstar path. One person who monitors situations around the league closely is Draymond Green, who was instrumental in the team acquiring Kevin Durant in 2016.

Well, during pre-season media sessions yesterday, Draymond touched on LeBron James making it okay and giving them a voice to take control of their careers. However, he went to touch on how he wasn’t surprised by Kyrie wanting a trade away from King James. Without divulging into the exact root that segued the trade, he said that the situation was similar to Kobe Bryant and Shaq – citing that Irving is taking a huge risk on himself and is embracing the pressure for the upcoming season.

Take a look at the brief Nike press conference interview below.

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