Draymond Green Says Warriors Aren’t Concerned with Rockets, Only Title

Since the start of the season, we could see this collision of Western Conference powerhouses colliding. The Golden State Warriors were always a pick to make the NBA Finals, but who would challenge them this year our of the west? By the way the Houston Rockets were playing at the start of the season, they seemed like the most likely candidate.

Now that we have the matchup set, it will be interesting to see who comes up victorious, as the presumed winner will probably win the title.

In talking to the media last night after their win over the New Orleans Pelicans, Draymond Green said that the Warriors have not been looking forward to playing the Rockets in the conference finals all season. Their goal is to win a championship and it doesn’t matter who is on the court with them on their path to another ring.

Man, we won two championships in three years. We’re not about to run off talking about how bad we want to play somebody. We want to win another championship, and it don’t matter who’s in the way of that. If you’re in the way of that, then you happen to be in the way. But we’re not about to run around like, ‘Yeah, we want to play them in the conference finals.’ For what? It doesn’t matter to us who we play. However, we got them. All right, now let’s get it. We get to it now.

We’ve got a goal. Whoever is in the way of that goal, then we got to see you. You got to see us. All right now, they’re in the way. Perfect. But we’re not running around talking about, ‘Man, we want them bad.’ Nah, we want a championship bad. Another one.

Thought it could be taken as a shot towards Houston and they could use it as motivation to try eliminate Golden State from the playoffs, the Warriors have been in this position before. They have won multiple championships and know what it takes to close out series.

Meanwhile, James Harden and Chris Paul are still trying to prove themselves on a championship level, heading into uncharted waters and experience at this level of winning. Can they maintain home-court advantage and finally defeat Dub Nation?

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