Drew Bledsoe Talks Terry Rozier Trolling, Celtics Winning

It’s been kind of funny to watch the Drew Bledsoe and Terry Rozier trolling this past postseason, with the two going back and forth on social media wearing each other’s shirts and jerseys across two playoff series.

It all started when Terry confused Eric Bledsoe for Drew and mixed up their names, which spawned the comments from Eric about not knowing who Rozier was when he kept torching him on the court. From there, Scary Terry wore the OG Bledsoe jersey and the two have gone been showing love with the gear ever since.

Last night after the Boston Celtics advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals, the legendary New England Patriots quarterback took the podium at the post-game press conference to talk about this year’s C’s team, meeting Rozier and how fun it’s been to watch the games this season.

He also joked that the “Terry Rosé” wine with a ‘great finish’ is coming soon.

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