Dwight Howard Talks About Losing Passion for Basketball

This morning, Dwight Howard joined the Get Up! crew to speak on an aspect of basketball that not many people speak on: the passion.

In talking to Mike Greenberg, Jalen Rose and Michelle Beadle, he explained how the business of basketball made him lose the love for the game. This happened after critics labeled him as a “coach killer,” “franchise destroyer” or disgruntled player, especially after his stint in Los Angeles with the Lakers.

Though he’s bounced around from several teams in the later stage of his career, Howard says he went back and watched YouTube videos from his peak years and played at different gyms in Atlanta to reinvigorate his love for the game, and try to be a better person on the court. He also spoke on what he could change if he had to go back, but emphasizes that everything happens for a reason and has got him to where he is at today.

Peep what he had to say about that up top and his thoughts on the Houston Rockets and why the Oklahoma City Thunder “Big 3” didn’t work.

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