Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley’s Epic 3-Point Contest


Inside The NBA has been teasing this three-point competition with Charles Barkley talking the most shit to Ernie Johnson as a result. During the show, Chuck has been calling EJ ‘grandpa’ and pretty much hailing his own victory, but could he put his money where his mouth is?

Yesterday the two went at it and the results were embarrassing for the Chuckster.

The two got to shoot from three racks (no money ball) and for the fourth rack, they chose which rack they would re-shoot from again. After trying to do their best Steph Curry impersonations, Ernie came up victorious over the former NBA player. The best part was Kenny Smith’s commentary after when he called Sir Charles a “has been,” but the pressure was too much for him on the final rack. He essentially had to shoot a perfect rack to win and you know that wasn’t happening. Now he can’t say anything about Elevator Ernie on the show going forward.

If you missed what went down, peep the replay up top.

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