ESPN Censors Max Kellerman’s Comments for Exposing NFL Owners

Kudos, Kellerman

With the NFL ratings down for a second consecutive year and many long-time viewers turning away from the sport; several internal issues are being brought presented to and from the masses. One obviously being Colin Kaepernick protesting the wrongful executions of black people in America, and another with the pending impeachment of Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL.

Well, last week, an interesting topic flew under our radar on ESPN’s morning debate show, First Take. Magic Johnson and Snoop Dogg, who both have football ties to the city of Los Angeles, spoke about why Kaepernick still isn’t on an NFL roster – despite several teams playing with inferior quarterbacks.

While Stephen A. Smith danced around the topic and didn’t want to get suspended gave a brief take on the situation, Max Kellerman publicly called out every NFL owners for turning their back on why Colin is actually kneeling to the flag. The video speaks for itself; but ESPN unfortunately censored the comments from hitting their YouTube channel in an official release below.

We’re assuming the network didn’t want to ruin their relationship with the National Football League, considering how these comments may have hit a nerve. Take a look below at the both clips.

ESPN original version

ESPN Censored Version

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