EXCLUSIVE: The Latest on the NBA Finals Summer 2020 Conclusion & LeBron James Having Change of Heart

Should hear something next week

Over the last few weeks, the NBA is aggressively looking to conclude their current 2020 season. With games on hold the last two months, due to COVID-19, Adam Silver is planning to reboot the season in mid-June. Earlier this month, teams started opening training facilities, opening the dialogue for games to be played.

Well, it’s being brought to our attention that LeBron James has finally decided that he wants to continue the season. The NBA’s front-offices haven’t budged on players saying that they want to stay home and wait until the 2021 season, which starts on X-Mas Day. Essentially, the league is forcing players to come back and will have their own testing done before athletes are secluded to the Jordan stadium bubble.

Initially LeBron and the Golden State Warriors were the main ones vocal about staying home. Surprisingly, Adam Silver has convinced Bron to have a change of heart (or promise for another rigged NBA Finals victory, 3-6); in leaving Los Angeles, which won’t be too far from his home. The biggest fear is coming from the players, who a large bulk have children they don’t want getting infected with the virus.

That was an initial issue with the King, but he’s come out recently to say that the season will get completed. However, now James Harden and Russell Westbrook are becoming the most outspoken ones about moving to Las Vegas this summer. The season will conclude in early June, with the NBA Finals finishing up in early September.

What the players are conflicted with, is having a short turn-around in rest period through the fall, as they’ll have to play a full 82-game season beginning on December 25th. This has started issues with the Players Union and Team Owners, which we’re expecting a possible lockout when the next Collective Bargaining Agreement happens.

So, testing for players will begin next week, as most don’t feel safe going forward. The NBA’s front office surprisingly feels confident, and believe they have a safe plan in store every player that goes to Las Vegas and Orlando next month.

If multiple players do become sick, this could put the 2021 season in danger, which is something the NBA doesn’t want. After losing billions in money from lost TV rating, ticket sales, and apparel – possible players getting contaminated and them bringing the virus home to children and others family members would be catastrophic.

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