Ezekiel Elliott Suspended Yet Again After Court Denies Motion

We know Ezekiel Elliott is fighting for his name and wants to clear himself of the alleged domestic violence accusations against his old girlfriend Tiffany Thompson. We get it. But there’s not beating the NFL at this point. They have way more money, more resources and power to get their way in a court of law.

At some point, ‘Zeke is going to run out of money or figure his bank is running low with so much litigation and lawyers fees.

The emergency injunction by the NFLPA was denied today thanks to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. This means the Dallas Cowboys will be without their star running back this Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, missing out on his seven touchdowns (2nd in the NFL) 783 yards (2nd in the NFL) for what may be an extended amount of time.

The court will hear an appeal at a later date, one of which hasn’t been set.

Don’t be surprised if this back-and-forth battle continues for the second half of the season, or until Elliott goes bankrupt. One of the two.


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