That Time Fat Joe Saved Allen Iverson’s Life from Street Legend ‘Kato’

The ‘Kato’ Story is the next biopic that needs to happen . . .

A few days ago, Fat Joe was guest on DJ Kay Slay’s Street Sweeper Radio to promote his recently released So Excited single with Dre. In the midst of talking his history in the game and rare stories, Joe divulged into a rare story regarding a time in Chicago. Beforehand, Sleezy wished there were more classic crime-drama films in modern times like the original Carlito’s Way.

After sharing great moments with street legend King Kato, Crack touched on running into him in a club with Allen Iverson. At the time, A.I. saw Kato’s woman at the time, who he didn’t know how to react and almost approached her – before Crack stepped in. Joey jokingly said that Kato and his people would literally kill you in the middle of a basketball game if he said anything to her.

We’re sure Iverson found another fix for the night, but a nice-looking lady with a fake ass and fake tits was something rare to see 15 years ago. Take a look at the video below.

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