Floyd Mayweather Explains Retiring from Boxing Forever & Importance of Passing Torch

TBE breaks down everything

Floyd Mayweather, Gillie, Wallo Million Dollarz Worth Game interview, reveals some key details from TBE regarding his future. This June, Floyd Mayweather will be returning to a ring for a rare exhibition fight against Logan Paul. With the bout getting major attention on name value alone, real boxing heads like ourselves aren’t paying this fight any attention.

In a conversation with Gillie and Wallo on Million Dollars’ Worth of Game, Floyd opened up on why he finally decided to step away from competitive boxing. Well into his 40s, Floyd revealed that his health outweighs any check he could ever get in boxing. Although he’s having the exhibition, Floyd cited that its strictly an offer he couldn’t turn down.

Watch more from the conversation below, where he explains the importance of passing the torch to young fighters like Gervonta Davis and Canelo Álvarez.

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