Golden State Warriors are Officially Retiring Andre Iguodala’s Jersey after Controversial Interview

The Real MVP. . .

Two weeks ago, Andre Iguodala sat down with the Breakfast Club to discuss his time with the Golden State Warriors. While there to promote his new book, The Sixth Man: A Memoir, Iggy essentially exposed some eye-raising racial experience players go through while playing for the NBA.

While he didn’t throw dirt of the front office of the league, he did reveal that he played with a fractured leg in the 2018 playoffs last year, but was kept under wraps and downplayed by the media. Initially, he was telling the Warriors that his leg was fractured, but they felt it was a bone bruise – where the two initially butted heads.

With Kevin Durant also allegedly privately expressing his concerns about receiving medical treatment, this led to his Andre’s immediate release from Golden State this weekend. However, much like Kevin Durant’s upcoming jersey retirement, the team plans to do the same for Iggy, making the announcement public today.

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