Gordon Hayward Suffers Fractured Ankle in Celtics Season Opener

Bad news for the C’s

Not even halfway through the first quarter between a heated rivalry between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics and the team in green has already suffered a huge injury that will derail their championship hopes.

On a lob from Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward was trying to go backdoor on Jae Crowder. The lob was a little too high and he came down awkward on his foot.

At first glance, folks may have thought he landed hard on his back and was injured that way, but soon enough, Marv Albert was screaming “he broke his leg” during the broadcast. Once they showed the replay, it was certain. His foot was completely 180 and he was on the floor in pain.

The entire atmosphere in the arena was deflated.

Players locked arms and kneeled on the floor to pray for Hayward. The looks on the fans and players faces said it all. It was such a gruesome injury and unfortunate, especially with the hopes so high on the Celtics this season.

We’re sure his season is finished and he recovers soon.

UPDATE: Hayward’s official diagnosis is a dislocated ankle and fractured tibia that will include surgery, but there is no timetable for his return as of yet.

Coach Brad Stevens had this to say about the status of GH:

“Obviously, there’s a physical pain to it, but I think it’s also doubled by the emotional pain of, you know, he put a lot of effort into trying to start this, his career, out well in Boston. But this is a setback; we’re expecting a full recovery. And we know there are going to be a lot of tough days ahead on that recovery but, at the same time, hopefully he’ll improve day to day. But it’s been tough. It’s been tough for him.”

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