Grayson Allen and Trae Young Get Into Minor Summer League Altercation

If you thought the Grayson Allen antics were going to remain in college, you were wrong. He’s bringing his talents to the NBA and while some people out there are going to hate the former Duke Blue Devil that much more for not “maturing,” if anything, this will be entertaining at the professional level.

Just think of it like the Utah Jazz white boy version of Draymond Green.

In last night’s summer league game between the Atlanta Hawks and Jazz, NBA Draft darling Trae Young got his dose of Allen on a routine play from outside the arc. Grayson tangled himself up when Young was trying to drive and he wasn’t having any of that shit. There was some pushing and teammates holding both back, but tempers didn’t go level 10.

We have a feeling these Utah fans are going to love Allen as an agitator. It’ll be interesting to see how refs call his game and/or who catches him with a fade one time.

Double technical fouls were called on both and play resumed.

What’s the over/under that Grayson gets into another scuffle or two by the time Summer League is over? Him and Gobert as bruisers and agitators will be dope to watch.

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