An Inside Look at the Craze Surrounding the Raptors’ Jurassic Park

Throughout the NBA Finals and the postseason, when the Toronto Raptors have played, the talk has been around Kawhi Leonard and Jurassic Park. Obviously, the whole country of Canada is supporting the team and every time they show the fans outside the arena, people are going absolutely crazy.

ESPN sent Sam Alipour to investigate how wild it gets at Jurassic Park during an NBA Finals game and the fans were certainly out to show love.

From interviewing fans, to getting Chris Bosh and Jalen Rose’s take on the love the fans show the Raptors during every game at home and even when they’re on the road. Jurassic Park has definitely become a staple in Canada and beyond. It’ll be mayhem tonight if the Raps pull off the win against the Golden State Warriors.

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