Jalen Ramsey Thinks the Jaguars Will Win the Super Bowl

Do you want to hear a hot take? The Jacksonville Jaguars are winning the Super Bowl.

Of course, that’s not us making that statement. It’s cornerback Jalen Ramsey shouting it to EverBank Field fans at the stadium following their win against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team had just made it to the AFC Championship, so feelings were high as they returned to Florida for a rally.

Ramsey didn’t have much to say besides “we’re going to the Super Bowl… and we’re gonna win that bitch!” He only asked the fans for the same energy for the next two weeks because those championship rings are theirs and they need their support.

Guaranteeing the Super Bowl win before beating the New England Patriots seems like a lot of confidence, but a jinx for the team. This pretty much solidifies them losing, right?

More bizzarre things have happened this season, though.

Imagine a Case Keenum vs. Blake Bortles SB? Considering the two are in their respective championship games, the odds may not be high but the possibility is there.

Enjoy the post season, Jalen.

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