EXCLUSIVE: James Dolan Allegedly Turned Down This Insane Knicks Trade for Russell Westbrook

The gift that keeps on giving. . .

At the end of the 2019 playoffs last month, the OKC Thunder allegedly held a private meeting with Russell Westbrook and Paul George to inform them that they would be going in a different direction.

Contrary to reports of PG-13 and Westbrook asking for trades, both players were really being escorted out the door (see: three straight first round loses).

The owner of the Thunder essentially didn’t want to keep paying over the luxury cap every season, if they saw no results championship contention each season. Last weekend, the New York Knicks engaged in preliminary discussions for Westbrook. The team was originally planning to offer up Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikina to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

With OKC looking to find a trade partner for Russ, the team set their asking price insanely high for the Knicks. We’ve been told that the Thunder were asking New York for FOUR FUTURE FIRST ROUND PICKS.

James Dolan immediately told the OKC Thunder that discussions for Westbrook would be ended. We’re assuming Knicks fans shouldn’t be too mad at Dolan making a rare smart decision, for once.

Considering the Knicks has an array of youth to develop until free agency 2021; it should be interesting to see if this team can attract free agents like their rivals across the east river.

Let us know in the comments if you would’ve did the deal for four future first round picks, just for Westbrook.

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