James Harden Breaks Jamal Murray’s Ankles and Hits 3-Pointer, And 1

We all know James Harden likes to take extra steps with that step-back jumper he loves shooting during the game, but every once in a while, he crosses someone so hard they fall on their ass and are left embarrassed (ask Wesley Johnson).

In the Houston Rockets game against the Denver Nuggets, The Beard did the unthinkable to Jamal Murray, who was victim to his wicked crossover.

Even worse, Murray got up to redeem himself and ended up fouling Harden on his shot, which was a 3-pointer that went in after the contact. It was cold blooded.

The entire Rockets bench was going bezerk.

You can probably argue that James pushed off (like he always does) but he didn’t on this one.

FINAL: HOU 125 | DEN 113

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