Jay Williams Puts ESPN Job on Line to Call out Stephen A. Smith over Jerry Jones Controversial Support

Jay Williams vs. Stephen A Smith ESPN Jerry Jones Video

Jay Williams speaks out. . .

Jay Williams vs. Stephen A Smith ESPN Jerry Jones video is one of the most talked-about stories about LeBron James rare support for Kyrie. With many ignoring this topic because it involves a person they love, Jay Williams decided to be the first person on TV to call out Jerry Jones.

Last week, a photo emerged of the Dallas Cowboys owner in a segregation photo from 1957, which caused many to believe he was a racist. Everyone ignored this story, as Kyrie Irving was the victim of media scrutiny, including the Brooklyn Nets star being targeted every time he walks out of his house.

Now, this week, Jay Williams put ESPN and the rest of sports media on blast for not speaking on the situation with Jerry Jones. So much, that he called out Stephen A. Smith’s recent support of Jerry Jones and wanted to find out everything before going off the ledge.

Take a look at the media below.

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