Jaylen Brown Suffers Scary Fall On Neck After Explosive Dunk

After witnessing what happened to Gordon Hayward during the first game of the season, the Boston Celtics got a big scare tonight in Minnesota against the Timberwolves.

Jaylen Brown turned the turbos on towards the hoop from midcourt, breezed by Andrew Wiggins and took hard to the rim for a slam dunk. As he was hanging on the rim, Brown’s hands slipped and he went down hard, landing on his neck/back right on the hardwood. As you can see in the replay, he immediately cramped up and TNT commentary was saying he was concussed.

After several minutes on the ground, the cameras showed movement in his hands and feet, eventually capturing him get up and walk off on his own.

The entire arena, fans and players alike, all breathed a sigh of relief.

We’ll keep you updated with the official diagnosis when news comes out. Jaylen is at a local area hospital getting tested and under the NBA’s concussion protocol.

UPDATE: Coach Brad Stevens said Jaylen was feeling good when leaving the locker room to the hospital and how his players felt after watching the injury.

UPDATE: Brown gives an update on his status on social media. Thank God he’s okay.

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