Jemele Hill Suspended by ESPN for Social Media Comments on Jerry Jones

Last month, Jemele Hill caught a world of heat for calling Donald Trump a white supremacist on Twitter and website, as well as FOX News and other media outlets took the story and ran with it. ESPN gave her a warning for that social media outburst and she continued on SportsCenter.

Following comments by Jerry Jones that he would not allow any Dallas Cowboys player play, who ‘disrespected the flag,’ Hill once again took to Twitter to sound off.

Obviously, ESPN wasn’t having any parts in this and issued a statement and a two week suspension for the SC6 host, thanks to her social media rant.

Considering the network always want to be on the NFL’s good side and the fact the Cowboys are America’s Team and a big ratings factor, it’s no surprise that ESPN would suspend her to save face and keep in good graces with the league.

We’ll see how she responds after her suspension (or during).

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