Jimmy Butler Reportedly Yelled at Teammates & Coach Thibodeau in Practice

Jimmy Butler confirms and responds to the report

UPDATE: Word is, Butler played with the third-string bench players at practice today and finished beating the starters, which is why he went off on everyone. Following practice, he talked to Rachel Nichols about his actions against the team, saying he’s at his rawest when he’s competing and doing what he’s supposed to do: win. It’s kind of funny he was ready for that ESPN interview immediately following the blow-up with the team, right? Could it be staged? Imagine Jimmy forming a plot in the media where he looks like the passionate NBA player striving for championships and the rest of young core softer than tissue. He’s the hero.

We’re about a week away from the start of the NBA season and Jimmy Butler has not been traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves, even though he demanded to be moved elsewhere. So far, the Miami Heat and Houston Rockets have been the most interested in acquiring his services, though both sides have fallen short to what the T-Wolves want in return for their All-Star prize.

During preseason, Jimmy has been working at the Timberwolves facilities, but things came to a roaring screech today during practice today.

Apparently, Butler has had enough with his team and GM because he yelled and called folks like Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins out during practice, “challenging” them and even pointing his anger at coach Tom Thibodeau.

One source close to the T-Wolves said this has been the worst practice he’s ever seen in his years in the NBA and it went beyond just having a bad day.

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