Joel Embiid Speaks on Cursing Ben Simmons Out after Accidental Hit

Simmons Trying to win or become LeBron?

Since landing Jimmy Butler, the Philadelphia 76ers have propelled themselves into discussions for a deep playoff run. While the team is still a player or two away from being a legit threat to the title; they were west coast bound Tuesday evening for a match-up against the Los Angeles Clippers.

The two teams have had animosity in recent years, which showed during the night. However, in the midst of the game, Ben Simmons went up for a rebound over his own teammate, Joel Embiid. The Process proceeded to curse out Simmons for stat-padding and almost re-injuring his face.

Embiid spoke about the situation after the game, as you can peep media below.

speaks on simmons stat padding

Angry at Simmons for Stat Padding

Embiid Highlights

Scuffle with Clippers

Doc Rivers is shocked at the ending

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