John Oliver Ethers NCAA March Madness for Not Paying Student Athletes

“Fuck you February, It’s March-O-Clock assholes!” (c) John Oliver

With the exception of the Super Bowl and College Football’s National Championship Game, no other brand in North American sports makes more money than the NCAA’s College Basketball March Madness in a single month. For the next three weeks, the sports world will move its focus find out if anybody can stop the Kentucky Wildcats from their pursuit of a perfect season. Before students can participate any type of collegiate sport, they’re required to sign a form that they’re “amateurs” – giving up any compensation that they’ll get paid.

HBO’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver dedicated 20-minutes to shed light on the NCAA’s corrupt greed, that starts with their over-saturation of TV ads. Less than two percent of all collegiate athletes go pro, while the rest are left out of jobs and more importantly education – which is why Oliver felt he wanted to take a page out of the NCAA’s exploitation. Before the games begin tomorrow, take a look at the hilarious clip above that caps off with a hilarious depiction trailer entitled March Sadness 2015.

The Official 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Bracket


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