EXCLUSIVE: Kobe Bryant Has ‘Allegedly’ Got Kawhi Leonard to Commit to the Lakers

We have to use allegedly to not get in trouble. . .

So, as we told you last week, the Los Angeles Lakers were going to land Anthony Davis in a trade with the New Orleans Pelicans. The deal was slated to be a multi-team trade; but the Lakers changed their minds last second and kept Kyle Kuzma in exchange for four 1st-round picks down the line.

Basically, Los Angeles pulled a New York Knicks, and sent away their future in the draft to possibly win now. According to Las Vegas odds, the Lakers are the favorites to the win the NBA Championship next year at +400; with the Milwaukee Bucks behind at +600. With the Toronto Raptors celebrating their first ever NBA Finals Championship with MVP Drake; we have some eye-raising news this weekend.

According to our sources, Kawhi Leonard will officially sign with the Los Angeles Lakers in two weeks.

Kobe Bryant is allegedly the mastermind behind the plan of bringing in Kawhi, along with Jeanie Buss, who have both been adamant on getting their guy. The plan is to have Leonard run the team in the future, after LeBron retires in a few years. However, prior to May, Kawhi was in talks with the Los Angeles Clippers, who all had the deal wrapped up until something went wrong.

Since his uncle is in his ear and has the same interest as him going back home to Los Angeles, the front office of the Lakers has made Kawhi a priority – ahead of both LeBron and AD. The goal is sign Kawhi Leonard to a max-deal this summer and re-sign Anthony Davis next summer.

Whether LeBron stays or goes isn’t a concern of Kobe or Jeanie, because Kawhi is the guy they’re building the team around. LeBron and his team finally get what they wanted with AD, so Kobe and Jeanie used this play for the big man to keep the King competent with getting one of his friends.

They’ll shape up the rest of this roster in a few weeks (see: Shaun Livingston and other veterans for the low), which was gutted last night by the New Orleans Pelicans.

Look for this story to emerge by the months’ end. Also, let us know in the comments what you think of Kawhi going to the Lakeshow.

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Four defensive players to hide LeBron not playing D

This is Kobe’s no. 1 guy. .

These guys don’t really know anything 😂

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