Kawhi Leonard Pays Homage to Toronto with New Balance Billboard

Though Kawhi Leonard‘s tenure in Toronto only lasted one year, the city and the Raptors still owe their championship to the man. He didn’t choose to stay in The 6 and went to Los Angeles to play with the Clippers, but he did leave with a ring.

Today, The Klaw takes on the Raptors with his new team and before he takes the court again, he has sent a message to the city following his departure.

Even though a lot of people didn’t think he’d leave after winning a championship, he ultimately loved Toronto and just because he left, it doesn’t mean the place doesn’t hold a special place in his heart. The billboard is a testament to that and we’re sure he won’t be booed tonight, but rather receive a standing ovation.

Can the Raptors pull off the win, though?

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