Kawhi Leonard Under Investigation by NBA after Stephen A. Smith Snitching Comments

🚫 Snitching

Over the last few days, Kawhi Leonard has begun to bring order back to the NBA; which has been plagued by an idiot on the Lakers and another in Brooklyn. After dethroning Golden State last month, Kawhi made the second biggest NBA free agency decision of the decade, pairing up with Paul George on the Los Angeles Clippers.

While Kawhi has said the idea was presented to him, we have to commend him for knowing how to work the media these days as the new face of the league. Earlier this week, Stephen A. Smith was on First Take to discuss the Raptors and Lakers privately voicing their displeasure with the Kawhi Leonard decision.

With teams ALLEGEDLY currently investigating the LeBron James-affiliated Klutch Sports management for free agency tampering, Stephen A opened pandora’s box to something else. He revealed that the artist formerly known as Uncle Dennis, ALLEGEDLY made illegal perk request from teams in free agency, which isn’t allowed in the current collective bargaining agreement.

Our friends at The New York Times broke the story this week, as you can take a look at Stephen discussing Uncle Dennis below.

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