Kevin Durant & Draymond Green Get into Heated Exchange During Loss to Clippers

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Since Thursday, Steph Curry has been missing in action from the Golden State Warriors due to a serious groin strain. This led to the team losing two of their last three games, as everything came to a head Monday evening in Los Angeles. The Warriors on the road for a game against the Clippers, which surprisingly went to overtime. Dub City was looking to win the game in the final moments of regulation, as Draymond Green got the ball with 6 seconds left.

While Steve Kerr refused to call a timeout, Kevin Durant was ignored when he screamed for the rock, as Draymond lost control of the ball – leading the game to overtime. In the extra period, the Clippers would go on to win the game, which led to Durant storming out of the locker-room soon after.

Take a look at media below.

Final Play

Aftermath on the bench

Being Seperated from each other

UPDATE: According to reports coming out of ESPN, the exchange carried into the locker room because of Draymond’s decision making at the end of the game.

Golden State officials were working Tuesday to deal with the situation, league sources said. Teammates did argue with Green over his choice in the final moments to keep the ball instead of passing to Durant for a try at a game-winning shot, sources said.

Green was forceful in his defense of himself, which helped to escalate the volume in the room, sources said.

UPDATE: The Warriors have suspended Draymond Green for their game against the Atlanta Hawks tonight for conduct detrimental to the team. He will be benched without pay following his incident with Durant.

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