Kevin Durant Goes Off on Media for Free Agency Questions

The past few days, Kevin Durant hasn’t been talking much to the media. Some people speculated that it has something to do with his free agency plans this summer and the state of his future. Apparently, that’s not it.

Last night after a blowout win against the San Antonio Spurs, KD went off on the media after being asked why he was quiet in the public.

The rant continued as he was asked more questions, and he could be visibly frustrated, saying stuff like “I just want to play ball” and “I don’t trust you guys (the media). Grow up.” To the point where he got up and left.

Though we could see why he got upset, Durant is known to be emotional.

We’re not sure why he pays attention to what people say more than most, but it is some sort of comedy relief to see him worked up.

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