Kevin Durant Lied to Russell Westbrook About Leaving OKC Thunder

As of now, Kevin Durant‘s move to the Brooklyn Nets has been pretty celebrated, especially after the narrative changed when he ruptured his Achilles in the NBA Finals.

Though he still has a year left before he can play with Kyrie Irving and his new squad, Stephen A. Smith is taking it back to his last move (to the Golden State Warriors) to give a little insight on how it happened and what hasn’t been reported.

Apparently, when he was a free agent the last time, he sat with Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison and told them to their face he was staying with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Shortly after, he left for the Hamptons and signed with the Warriors.

Hilariously, KD got wind of what Stephen A. said during the show and he followed up by saying that he needs to “check his sources” and that the report is “B.S.” Obviously, Smith refuted it and said he’s heard it from multiple people.

Obviously, some Warriors players have to feel some sort of way about how he left this time, his reasoning and how the season played out, so this news is relevant. Regardless of who you believe, it’s very interesting.

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