Kevin Durant Reveals Draymond Green Argument Played A Part in Leaving Warriors

Though he’s going through rehab currently, Kevin Durant seems to be making his rounds through the media speaking on plenty of topics. From his new Brooklyn Nets team, to his injury, the Golden State Warriors and more.

Today on First Take, KD talked to Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman about how he’s recovering from his Achilles injury, Steph Curry‘s hand injury, having Kyrie Irving as a teammate (as well as his mood swings) and more.

Interestingly, when the subject of that altercation with Draymond Green last season came up, he said it definitely played a part in him leaving.

According to Durant, the incident led to a lot of speculation about his free agency that was unnecessary. He said the situation could have definitely been avoided and the media drove a narrative that wouldn’t have otherwise been there if the argument would have never happened. And the fact Draymond talked to him a certain way, stuck with him for the season.

Ultimately, they talked and hashed things out at their own time.

KD also spoke on being the best player in the world and how he doesn’t care about it anymore, pressure from the Warriors organization to play in the NBA Finals, as well as his mindset at the time he got injured.

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