Kobe Bryant Breaks Down Trae Young’s Game in Summer League

Trae Young has been one of the slight disappointments in this year’s NBA Summer League. Of course, people will always say, “it’s only Summer League” (for good reason), but the ‘next coming of Steph Curry‘ wasn’t showing out the way Kevin Knox or Wendell Carter Jr. have thus far. People expected him to do more, although he’s showed flashes at times.

It wasn’t until that comeback win against the Indiana Pacers in the first round of Summer League that people saw the potential the No. 5 pick was brought in for.

In this excerpt from the new episode of DETAIL, Kobe Bryant explains what Trae needs to do when he gets to the league for his team to thrive. The Black Mamba says Young should make better decisions, especially when he’s drawing the defense closer to him, and his big is diving to the rim. He gives two examples where he threw up a bad shot, when he could have found an easy assist in the paint.

It’s still early, but Trae was one of the assist leaders in NBA Summer League. He has the likes of John Collins to lob passes to next season and can still hit a deep three, but he has to be more consistent with his shot making.

We’ll see how he does in his rookie campaign.

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