Kyrie Irving Admits Brooklyn Nets Need More Pieces to Be Next Level in NBA

It’s crazy to hear Kyrie Irving say that “it’s glaring” that the Brooklyn Nets need more pieces to be at the next level in the league. Especially since the team went to the playoffs and made noise last season. Kyrie, Kevin Durant and DeAndre Jordan came into a situation where they were supposed to add an already established squad.

But that hasn’t happened at all this year.

The Nets are battling for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, continue struggling and even though Irving is back in the lineup, things aren’t improving.

After last night’s loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, Kyrie reiterated that the team needs another piece to compliment himself and his game. He mentioned that he likes the guys he has in the locker room, but still thinks they need more to compete.

It’s safe to say that BK has enough already. Maybe it’s him?

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