Kyrie Irving Called LeBron James to Apologize for Attitude When Younger

Imagine leaving a team because you didn’t want to be in the shadow of one of the greatest to ever do it in basketball and you get to your new destination to lead them and you’re dealt with the same problems that the other person did.

Kyrie Iving got a dose of his own medicine the past few weeks when he called out his young Boston Celtics teammates for not having “championship pedigree.”

If you’ve been paying attention, Uncle Drew has spoken out in the media about the young core in Boston after some tough losses lately, doing it to push them to be better. Of course, he didn’t do it in a malicious way.

But then it hit them, he was the same when he played with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Apparently, after the C’s loss to the Orlando Magic, he called LeBron James to apologize for being a naive young player when they played together.

He explained his attitude in that time, saying that he wants everything to happen fast and now, but he didn’t realize that things take time. Now that he’s realized what’s happened he has come out and said that he will never call out his teammates to the media again and will have the patience to deal with it.

How the table turns, right? That’s maturity.

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