Kyrie Irving Breaks Silence on NBA Stance after Stephen A. Disrespectful Comments

Kyrie Irving instagram Live Mandate Response Video

Kyrie finally responds to critics…

Kyrie Irving Instagram live mandate response video clears the air on multiple idiots discussing his personal business on TV. The most hated man in sports this year has been Kyrie Irving.

With multiple TV personalities pushing for a trade, because they don’t know he’ll still have the same problems in a different city, Kyrie finally reached a boiling point. After witnessing a popular personality tap dance on TV, Kyrie jumped on IG live after the Brooklyn Nets were told to announce Mr. Irving being banned for the moment from the team.

It was soon revealed that the Nets also would not be allowed to were not going to make a contract extension offer to Kyrie. After being called an idiot on national TV, he took time to defend himself and stance on the obvious.

Take a look at Kyrie Irving’s full Instagram live mandate response video below.

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